My Vaseline Diaries

by Blindfolded and Led to the Woods

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released November 14, 2014

Recorded and mixed by TKO at STL Audio
Mastered by Collin Jordan at BR Mastering, Chicago.



all rights reserved


Blindfolded and Led to the Woods Christchurch, New Zealand

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Track Name: Fuck You Look Awesome
""I found these guys on YouTube
Man they suck, what the fuck
These guys dress like fags"

I x'd that tab real fast
Father walked in, hand reeked of pin
He slipped on my lubricants

What is in the bucket?
It's quite the potent stench
Blanketing the bleeding man

What is in the sack?
It's wriggling and damp
It's making an escape
I don't really like this...

It's crawling towards me
It's agenda unseen

I can't see the future
But it's looking rather grim
So I grab the webcam
This looks like the ending
Creation of the next big thing

All these kids love vids like this
More than you think

Days that follow
Become the viral

Fuck you look awesome
Track Name: A Wolf in a Wall Street Tomb
Black suits, billboards
Concrete structures
Consciousness verse currency

I am the one who will shut this down
I am the one they will call the wolf

I will bring this city to its knees

Today I am a wolf in a wall street tomb
Here to free the slaves
Today I am a wolf in a wall street tomb
This is the death of the dollar

I want to see a world without this slavery
I am the one they call wolf exposing conspiracy

Follow me with this dream in sight
I am the usher of freedom

A wolf in a wall street tomb
Track Name: Father Harlequin
Statues of eyes looking upon me
Waiting for my next drop
I am dubsteps king

I am exactly where they want me to be
Bloodshot eyes and massive pupils
Every teens dream

Smashing tabs at sunrise
Smashing whores at sundown
Snorting lines at dusk
Off bitches tits till dawn

Children born with the
Mutations from my
Drug fuelled mutant seed

I fathered this spawn
Created by my world
A generation of
Harlequin mutations
Track Name: Sorry You're Not Invited
Sorry you're not invited
Can you please get your things and
Get the fuck out of my house

Who invited you?

How old are you?
Like 40, you invalid
Take your fucking punchbowl

You don't like grindcore
You don't like dubstep
Track Name: Free Thought + A Time Machine =
We can't stand for this anymore
This world sees tragedy
But when we open our eyes
We'll watch religion fall

Nothing could be more idiotic
Or absurd as the doctrine of the trinity

We will not be born again
We had it right the first time
We will not be born again

Malevolent mind virus
We'll watch religion fall

This world will be beautiful
This world will spread understanding
Track Name: Abigail is Dead
Parts of my mind
Seem so hard to define
With her I stabilised

Balance is now fractured
Empty without structure
Void of all senses

Thoughts of her
Now overwhelm

My mind is a rubix cube
With too many colours
A rainbow in shades
Of black and grey

Taken from this place
Licking the cum from her face
Track Name: New Shirt and a Fade
Unzip unplug
Lets open up
This liquor is fucked
A new bag of snuff

New shirt and a fade

Rolling underground
Senses overwhelmed

A rose and a bud
A trip and some blood
Unify the mechanisms

Unify the mechanisms
The very essence, the nutrient

I'm not above some violence
A cluster of some white transferring yes
In the corners of my eyes
I never want to feel them touch me
K eye double L!
Them all
K eye double L!
Faint decomposing smell
Track Name: The Earwig
"Humanity" a word to describe the nature
Of the parasites that populate this celestial body

By a stroke of luck they experience consciousness
Yet they subscribe to absolute brainwashing
Without us they are free
Without them we are nothing

I am a throbbing vein of misdirection
The shadow on the living room wall

I blow out candles with canine kisses
Crawling writhing manipulation


The lies
That crawl
Into the brains of the populous
The earwigs

"Humanity" a word to describe the nature
Of the parasites that populate this celestial body
Track Name: 26846
I can't even understand
The words coming out of their mouths

It's that lack of understanding
That allows us to create our own meaning
Without having to worry about
The potential disappointment
Of bad lyrics and that's magic

Molecule molar mistress
You're rather malnourished
And there's vultures
Circling your hate work

Two six eight four six
Two six eight four six
Track Name: You're Just Like Captain Planet But With Less Friends
Like a disease, this spreads like a disease
This shit spreads like a disease

You'll see the rise in non conformity

Spreading your beliefs
Like the ones you despise
You're on the right side of the fence
Standing for wrong morals

And in time you'll see
Spreading your beliefs
You've become the preacher
For something worse than religion